Hiring a wedding bartender and purchasing your own alcohol for your reception is a great way to stretch those wedding dollars. Many venues require you to purchase their alcohol which can cost thousands of dollars for an open bar and be one of your biggest expenses. Why not give your guests and yourself more for less? Find venues that allow you to provide your own alcohol and hire a bartender. Purchasing your alcohol at liquor store pricing and being able to return the leftovers will have a huge effect on your budget. Visit some of our preferred wedding venues.

A bartending service will not only save you money, it will allow you to get creative and add your special touch to the reception. How about a lavender infused lemonade after the ceremony or Italian sodas for the kids? We can work with you to create a specialty drink that goes with your wedding theme. Our Denver, Omaha, Michigan, Chicago and Minneapolis bartenders have worked hundreds of weddings and are excited to help you with yours.

Wedding Bar Tips

1. Choose venue that lets you bring your own alcohol
2. Hire a bartending service- you would not trust your DJ to cater the food so make sure you have a bartender that can “make” drinks and not just somebody standing behind the bar pouring drinks
3. Make sure your wedding bartenders are liquor liability insured and TIPS certified
4. Wine and beer vs. full bar- If you cant afford to offer a full bar, try to come up with one or two special drinks to accompany your wine and beer. You will still make the cocktail drinkers happy but you will only have to purchase one or two kinds of liquors, saving you money.
5. Don’t forget the recycle or make sure your venue offers recycling. People do notice if you are not recycling

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