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Online Bartending School

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Ready to start an awesome career in the event service industry as a bartender? Our online bartending school gives you the opportunity to learn while you still work, have family time, and have a life. Start learning how to be a bartender today by requesting the information below about our online bartending school options!

In-Person Bartending School

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Hands On

Do you love people? From learning how to make drinks to guest communication skills, our in-person bartending school option give you the opportunity to get specialized hands-on training from expert mixologists and event service business experts. Don’t wait, start your live, in-person bartending school training as soon as you can!

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Complete Bartending School

We Teach You The Skills To Make Money Bartending

Mixology Certification

Your Duties and Responsibilities * Your Bar and its Equipment * Everyday Service Procedure * Basis Fundamental Opening * Preparing your Garnishes & Mixes * How to Handle Cocktail Checks * Mixology & Lab * Serving the Customer * Abbreviations and Measurements * Fundamental Closing Procedures * The Liquor Industry * Basis Bar Management

Alcohol Management

Learn to make over 200 mixed drinks, including education on all types wine and beer.

Great Price

With A Twist Bartending School offers the most competitive price in the industry. Whether you need to take classes remote, online, or in person at one of our many school nationwide.

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LIVE Classroom

Local school

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Why Choose Us?

Insured – Award Winning – Professional

Flexible Schedule

With A Twist Bartending School has a flexible schedule, so you can work at your pace. We offer you the ability to join our classes when it is convenient for you.

Award Winning

With A Twist Bartending School are the best of the best. They are awarded top honors in the industry for their mixology skills and customer service. Join our family of successful bartenders nationwide today.


The With A Twist Bartending School employees only the best teachers. Our highly professional instructors also have a huge bag of tips & tricks to pass along

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Bartending Services

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We Are The Nations #1 Bartending School Since 2006. We Teach You To  Serve Happiness!

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Attending With A Twist Bartending School was a game-changer for my career. The hands-on training, experienced instructors, and job placement assistance gave me the confidence and skills to excel as a professional bartender. Highly recommended for anyone serious about bartending!

Bryan G - Denver, CO
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Enrolling at With A Twist Bartending School was the best decision I made. The comprehensive curriculum, top-notch instructors, and real-world experience paved the way for a successful bartending career. The knowledge and support I gained exceeded my expectations. Highly recommended!

Gina M - Minneapolis, MN
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With A Twist Bartending School exceeded my expectations in every way. The curriculum was comprehensive, the instructors were knowledgeable and supportive, and the job placement assistance was invaluable. Thanks to them, I now have the skills and confidence to succeed in the bartending industry. Highly recommended!

Mark S - Portland, OR
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As an experienced bartender, attending With A Twist Bartending School took my skills to the next level. The advanced techniques, industry insights, and networking opportunities enhanced my craft and expanded my career prospects. A must for bartenders seeking professional growth.

Cole W - Cleveland, OH
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Bartending School Omaha


Are you thinking about going to a bartending school, but not sure who or where is the best bartending school? From in-person to online bartending school options we’re here to help you get started in the bartending and event service industry.


With A Twist Bartending Service is fully insured which makes all the difference in the unlikely event something goes wrong. You get to enjoy the party and not worry about a thing.

With A Twist Bartenders are the best of the best. They are awarded top honors in the industry for their mixology skills and customer service. They will entertain your guests and take your party to the next level.

The With A Twist Bartending team prides themselves on providing you the highest level of service. Our hand picked bartenders will arrive at your event with all the equipment, mixers, garnish and beverages, professionally dressed and ready to serve you and your guests.

All With A Twist Bartenders are highly trained professionals that are TIPS certified and experienced

  • With A Twist Bartending School and Event Services: Leading the industry since 2006
  • Unparalleled Bartending School and Event Services for over a decade
  • Widely regarded as the best in the field: Comprehensive hands-on Bartender Training programs
  • Nationwide accessibility: Full Online Training options available
  • Extensive experience: Guiding and mentoring thousands of successful graduates
  • Proven track record: Quality instruction and student success
  • Exciting opportunity: Join our parent company, With A Twist Bartending Service
  • Catering to events nationwide: Skilled bartenders for exceptional experiences
  • Gain practical experience and expand your network in real-world event settings
  • Empowering individuals to thrive in the bartending industry
  • Commitment to success beyond the classroom
  • Equip yourself for local bars, high-end restaurants, and large-scale events
  • With A Twist Bartending School and Event Services: Your path to bartending excellence
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